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Why Search Engine Ranking is Not Enough

By Don Henderson October, 2012 Webdesign, SEO
Visitor state of mind is extremely important to consider.

Getting a website on the first page of a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) is a very small part of the entire process of increasing online conversions and sales. Visitor psychograpy, or the state of mind the visitor is in when they land on a page is extremely important to test. If you think about the visitor psychography, you can create much more optimized content to show.

Wikipedia defines psychography or “psychographic variables” as:

“any attributes relating to personality, values, attitudes, interests, or lifestyles.”

In Internet marketing practical use, a visitor's psychography at the time they land on your website is very different depending on how they found your link. For example, a visitor that clicked on a 'Sponsored Ad' (sponsored ads are links like Google Adwords that online purveyors pay for) will have a very different attitude, mindset and level of trustworthiness (psychographic variables) and expectations than the visitor that finds you in the 'organic' (free) search engine results. This is important because each visitor needs to be shown different content to have the highest chance of converting into a sale; the former should land on a page with many trust factors and a well thought-out user interface, the latter should land on a more informative page.

Most websites serve up the same content no matter what the audience. This is a costly mistake. If the visitor coming from an organic link lands on a page designed to build trust and funnel the visitor into a purchase, they'll leave the site. And if a visitor clicking on a Sponsord Ad link lands on a page with a lot of reading and information, they too are likely click away. Average visitor expectations are evolving to become more sophisticated over time similar to the way movie audiences have ever higher expectations in modern movie content than they did just a decade ago.

So let's say you've gone to the trouble to hire a beautiful website built, and you hired the personnel necessary to perform on-page and off-page SEO and create the blog and backlink content to get your website on the first page of Google. It was expensive and took a lot of time because the keywords related to your industry are very competitive. Without properly directing incoming visitors to pages that meet their expected psychography all the effort to construct your website and online marketing initiaves could be at best a fraction as effective. Incorporating psychographic considerations into different landing pages often tests to result in longer time spent on site and higher conversions.

You don't have to get this right the first time. Ongoing multi-variate testing can be easily performed to optimize landing pages so that over time you can achieve high converting pages for all identified visitor psychographic variables. Contact me to learn how to perform end-to-end business planning, construction and ongoing testing that holds costs to a minimum and maximizes sales.

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