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Online Marketing

San Diego Online Marketing shopping cartAfter initial design, keyword research for 1‑6 word phrases that relate to your business and industy should be performed parrallel to development of the new website. Why? Because as I mentioned here you can use the titles and properties of up to 72 on‑page but invisible factors to inject keyword phrase relevance throughout your web presence. Plus, you can use social media to give various parts of the new website functionality or content transparency to increase the project's search engine footprint.

For example, the above point on Modern Web Design has a graphic of a rose. Most designers would name the file 'rose.png' or worse, 'icon_1.png' then skip the alt, title and long description attributes that are part of the 'img' HTML tag options.

However this image should be placed on the page with the following information:

When search engines view a web page, they do not 'see' graphics and other layout elements. Search engines analyze text, period. But the text search engines “see” include everything human visitors see plus all the invisible elements such as those in the preceding list. Notice how much more this invisible information “tells” the search engine what the graphic is about as it relates to the goals of the web page. This greatly assists increasing the organic position in SERPs. Performing such optimization after the website is built to replace the typically generic names and tags designers use is often a massive undertaking. Combing through all the code to rename files and include relevant keyword phrase tags can be as much work as building the site itself. It is much faster, simpler and more cost effective to do so during initial development, and has a side‑benefit of providing social media content. Contact me with questions or to learn more.

Business Plan Writing and Content Authoring

Modern Web Design[Note: Don Henderson has collaberated or written Funding a new business depends on sound, well‑researched business plan development written to:

The goal of any business plan is first and foremost to plan the business, and then to actually follow the plan at least until weaknesses can be identified necissitating plan alteration. Savvy prospective investors recognize that business plans written in this way are far more likely succeed because execution tactics will be well detailed and thought‑out, making such business plans more likely to obtain funding.

San Diego Web DesignAuthor of hundreds of web pages, dozens of white papers, and a soon‑to‑be‑released book, contact me for any writing need such as:

Online Presence and Brand Management

San Diego Web DesignToday's website visitor / shopper demands websites be as modern, professional and beautiful as possible. SEO, organic search engine positioning and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing effort and expense will be largely wasted if your website is not professional enough to maintain engagement. Among dozens of engagement techniques, modern, up‑to‑date design increases the time your visitors stay on your website ('stickiness') and increases purchase desire - both critical to online conversions and sales. A modern design that is optimized for search engine placement and sales brands your company as professional and trustworthy.

Many of us have had the experience of landing on a web page for a product we wanted to purchase only to find the poor site design or age of the website created credit card information security trust concerns and questions about the company's ability to fulfill orders timely and accurately. I've discovered that re-designing outdated websites can improve sales conversions as much as 300% or more without changing anything else. Marketing campaigns after re-design always result in longer page views and higher conversions. Contact me and tell me about the website you need to design or re-design to learn the fastest, lowest cost and most effective options regardless of who you choose to do the work.

Social Media Marketing

San Diego social media marketingFacebook is “the third largest country on earth” which means your business - no matter how large or small - can benefit from actively posting relevant content about your industry and company on the social media website. Contact me with questions or to learn more.

Local Search Results Positioning

business plan graphicIf your business is local, you need to get it listed on Google Maps using Google Places. You can improve what Google says about your business in its general search results by taking advantage of Google's free listing service. However you must do this with care as there are strict rules that must be followed or Google can ignore you.

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