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A few years ago, the web was still somewhat new and the average time a visitor viewed a page was longer. But recent studies show that first-time visitors are less patient and read less content. Today you have as little as 2.7 seconds to emotionally engage your visitor.

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Online Marketing, SEO & Social Media Leverage

cartYou need high-quality traffic to your website, not just quantity. Keywords with the most searches that describe your products or services are often not what you should target to increase sales. Read more  »

Business Plan Writing & Content Authoring

Los Angeles business planDo you need research about your competitive landscape and pressures? I can analyze your business and show you online and offline marketing options, provide content development and ghost writing services, and more  »

Online Presence Management

beautiful roseYou need an Internet presence that is beautiful to keep your visitors engaged, is optimized for both search engine placement and sales conversions and brands your company with a modern look. Read more  »

Product Management and Planning

gearProducts need packaging concept and design, competitive analysis, market testing and marketing plan development before launch. Contact me to streamline your products' marketing gaps. Read more  »

We Increase User Engagement, Traffic and Conversions

But that's a small part of increasing online sales. Visitor psychograpy, or the state of mind the visitor is in when they land on your site is an important consideration to know what content to show.

Control Costs

1 Hiring interns or inexperienced personnel often costs more than hiring an expert. I can show you how to lower your overall web devel-opment costs.

SEO Experience

2 You need expert search engine planning and optimi-zation. With over ten years experience, I can get your website to rank high in search engine results.

CMS Leverage

You may need a self editable website to control costs and keep content fresh. I can show you how WordPress or Drupal could give you more online leverage.

Content Authoring

4 Online ad copy writing requires both brevity and a grasp of the visitor psychography. I write ad copy that both reduces ad cost and performs well.

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