Our Repair Process

Having been in business since 1967, our technicians are highly trained and experienced
in every aspect of auto body repair. We will restore your vehicle with the highest quality
workmanship in the industry. Our typical repair process is:

1. Free Estimate
Damaged Porsche

Our technicians inspect the vehicle and detail the damage you want repaired. Then we use software to give you a more precise figure. We enter the damage data which is compiled into the least costly estimate, and we carefully explain any possible further damage that sometimes is discovered when the vehicle is disassembled. Our goal is no surprises!

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2. Insurance Approval
Insurance Approval

If you're covered by insurance the company may write the estimate themselves or they may have us write it depending on your insurance company and their policies. Read your policy for further information. Once the estimate has been prepared, we review it with you and your insurance company.

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3. Vehicle Disassembly
Vehicle Disassembly

After disassembly there can be hidden damage that can require scheduling insurance re-inspections and ordering additional parts. We call you and let you know immediately if this happens, and work with you to determine the least costly options.

4. Order Parts
Parts Ordering

We check the availability of parts and order all the parts needed for flawless repair. In the case of special or backordered parts, we inform you of the situation and do not begin work until all parts have arrived. We keep you well-informed through the entire process.

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5. Structure Repair
Structure Repair

If your vehicle requires structural repair, we will return your vehicle to its factory specification using a sophisticated measuring system during the entire process. We use computer-based measurement tools to analyze your vehicle frame and achieve perfect restoration.

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6. Body Repair
Body Repair

We replace all damaged exterior panels and smaller parts required before painting. If metal finishing is required, sheet metal is installed and aligned. Once all parts are in place we adjust and align panel edges and prepare the vehicle for painting.

7. Paint

We carefully prepare your vehicle for paint as this is a critical step in the refinishing process. All panels are prepared, primed and sealed, and we use the latest painting technology to ensure proper color match. See our results in our Gallery.

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8. Vehicle Reassembly
Vehicle Reassembly

Final moldings and detail pieces are installed on the vehicle from headlight assembly's to tail lights. We then check your vehicle's systems to make sure everything is operational. Your car is almost ready to be returned to you.

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9. Detailed Finishing
Detailed Finishing

We take pride in our detail work, detailing and cleaning every vehicle to its finest condition. Any remaining dust or debris from repairs is cleaned and final inspection and testing is performed.

10. Completion and Delivery
Vehicle Reassembly

When you arrive to pick up your vehicle we walk you through the exact work that was performed and welcome your close inspection. We explain the repaired area in detail to assure you are satisfied. Our goal is referrals and positive reviews so we maintain the highest standards of repair and customer satisfaction. Contact us for a free estimate today!


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